3 layers of organisational performance ... and the behavior layer is the most crucial one 

THE PROBLEM: People don’t change behaviours by telling them they have to

To sustainably change behaviours, people need A REAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE: WHICH IS learnING by doing … “in the action” … Iteratively& cumulatively

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The 4 P’s of the Pactify approach: to optimise learning of new behaviours … “by doing”


The mandated Problem

  • Together with the leadership, we define real, important business problems that need to be solved

  • We mandate these problems to dedicated teams that will need to cooperate in solving these problems

The Process

  • We set-up a problem solving process to support the teams in finding more cooperation

  • More cooperation in the various stages: ideation, documentation, alignment, decision & execution

The PMO+

  • We provide facilitators in the process to help people to learn the new behaviours

  • We accompany problem solving, but we don’t necessarily bring the entire solution

  • Instead, we ask questions to yield answers that make people cooperate more

The Platform

  • Our process is supported by a specific online platform

  • One place, one truth, many contributors

  • Transparent

  • Where learning can be distributed